Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Yes, it's true.

I think this blog has only been around for about 2 years... but it's time to move on.

I finally created a Weebly website to catalog my art, with additional blogging.

I'm not sure how personal the blog will be. I think it will be more art-focused...since that is the direction I'm going anyway...but who knows.

I'm working on it when I have time (that means not that much), but I hope to get it fully updated with lots of artwork that I've made in the last 2 years.

So if you want to keep track of my art making...and therefore, me....you can go to


Ciao, Midwest Art Edition.

Write the link down now, while you have a chance.

The blog may disappear from the Interwebs before you know it.

Thank you, faithful readers.

- Susan

Friday, April 3, 2015



So we went to Schmeckfest last weekend. 
It was a super-quick trip, but well worth it to see some really good friends and family. 
The musical, Big River, was really well done. 
The meal made tasted so good and made my stomach hurt due to my uncontrolled portions. 
Very successful. 

I turned in the first draft of my 30 page paper on Wednesday. 
Needs some work, but my professor didn't have many changes for me. 
The exhibition takes priority now. 
I will put it up in one week.
(I can't really believe that just yet.)
My art is almost done...I'm planning on painting the edges and making a few more marks tomorrow. 

I was just at the studio sewing on a very awesome art project for our show in May.
Hope to show you a picture of it when it's done. 

And now it's Good Friday...I don't have much else to do...and it is REALLY hard for someone who has been SOOOOOO busy for the past year to not have much to do.

I guess the whole house needs cleaning, but that doesn't sound like fun. :)

Life feels very ambiguous and grey right now. 
Ben's got job applications in for schools in South Dakota and Milwaukee. 
Don't really know what's happening with that.
Trying to figure out how not to let it all stress me out. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Here's the piece so far!
It's mixed media.
I've painted and done a printing process with newspaper and mod podge on it so far.
More materials to put come, I'm sure. 
Each canvas is 4 ft tall, 5 in. wide., 2 in. deep. 
I'm taking a lot of notes on the process...but haven't started writing my discussion section yet. 
I think once it's nearly done I can start. 

I biked to the lake today! 
12 miles there and back. 
Great weather for it, but I'm wiped out.
And unfortunately Ben has caught a cold so he won't be running 21 miles this weekend. 
He's preparing to run marathon distance at the end of the month in preparation for an ultra-marathon.

My "spring break" is nearly over...but I will get a spring break from work in April...which will likely feel more like a break. 
And Ben will be spring breaking at that same time!

Good stuff to come!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

art exhibition

Hello, readers.

I'm currently on Spring Break.
That doesn't mean much for me these days since I only have 1 day of class a week anyway. 
However, it was nice not to have class this last Monday.
I also still have groups throughout the week...but they've been fun and meaningful thus far, and I'm happy for that.
The weather has FINALLY warmed up here in MKE.
That means Ben is back to outside running, which he loves. 

We're preparing to head over to Freeman for Schmeckfest at the end of March. 
A quick trip, but looking forward to gorging myself on ethnic food. 

The art show goes up in 1 month. 
Almost 2 months until graduation!
Ordered my cap and gown last week. 

We're looking towards July and the move to South Dakota...though I have so much more think about until then. 

I finished building my canvases, as you can see above. 
It was not that easy. 
It was quite tedious and challenging, in fact.
But now it's done and they don't look too bad. 
I'm going to work on them right now.
I'll (try to) keep you updated.

Hopefully you're enjoying some spring-ish weather and best wishes towards the end of your week. 

Friday, February 20, 2015


Hiiiiii.....this is Ummei. (ooooo-may)
She is my AT friend's dog.
She is also a Shiba Inu.
Such a beautiful, friendly dog that acts like a cat.

Sorry I have not written lately.
I kind of completely forgot that I blog.
It's just been an exciting February thus far.
Like I've been told by so many, this last semester is flying.

Ben helped me cut wood for my canvases that will eventually become my exhibition piece. I need to finish sanding and building them. Then I must actually start painting. I have a sketch...but it needs to become a reality at some point.

I've been writing my 30-page paper. I feel like the semester has barely started, but I already have 15 pages written and edited. Awesome. Granted, it's the intro & the literature review...which I pretty much copied from my research proposal and annotated bibliography...but it makes me look like I've been working my butt off.

I've also been working a lot. It's been great. I love my groups and the people I'm working with.
Our show is May 7.
That might seem like a long ways off...but it's not. Lots of work to do; it should be fun.

I have a Human Growth & Development presentation on Monday.
My literature review for my paper is due this coming Wednesday.
My resume/cover letter is due in Ethics the following Monday, along with a "developmental autobiographical story" in HG&D.

That's kind of why you haven't heard from me.

I'm looking forward to checking this stuff off of the list. Then I can focus on my paper and art exhibit.

I'm toying with the idea of nixing this blog and starting up a strictly art-based website/blog...mostly because I don't need my personal information on the Internet when I have clients some day.
We'll see if/when that happens (maybe when I have time to set it up?).
But you have me for now!

Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hymn singing.
This last Friday evening.
Our good friend from church turned 50 last week. 
And in order to celebrate we all brought pie and beer (even pizza pie) and joined in some fun conversation and hymn singing. 
I definitely left with a stomach ache.
We have a great group of friends at Milwaukee Mennonite.

Ironically, we won't be seeing those friends today because it snowed A LOT.
This morning I was craving some Rocket Baby Bakery bread (only 3 blocks from our house) so I bundled up and walked over to grab some sourdough and cranberry walnut loaves. 
It was a real mess out there.
Some of the snow banks on the sidewalks were up to the middle of my calf.
I had to run/jump through those areas. 
Sometimes I even walked on the road. 
Thus, plenty of snow made its way into my boots. 
I didn't even notice because Smartwool socks do their job...as well as my big old down coat, Under Armour running tights, and Carthartt hat.
If you have the right gear, bad weather isn't so bad. 

I'm procrastinating...because homework and thinking are hard work...

But have a nice Sunday as I try to make that happen.